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Gremlin Dance Challenge 2019 will take place on Thursday 14th March at Princes Hall, Aldershot

The 11th Annual “Gremlin Dance Challenge” will be taking place at Princes Hall Theatre, Aldershot, in 2019! The event annually sees more than 30 local Infant, Junior and Secondary schools taking to the professional stage to showcase their dances across three separate performances.

The Infant event is now successfully run in a festival format, celebrating the participation of all of the children over and above anything else, and therefore with fewer prizes awarded.

The Junior and Secondary events have more competitive edge with prizes are awarded at the end of the performance by our panel of experienced judges in a range of different categories. Again, the participation of all the young people is celebrated and we have received feedback from schools that the experience for all the children and young people is a positive one, allowing them an opportunity that they may not otherwise have had.  

Gremlin Dance Challenge aims to be a fully inclusive event, celebrating the achievements of all performers, and most importantly encouraging as many young people as possible to participate in dance activity.

We are delighted that we continue to receive great support from schools across our region and are able to again offer the fantastic opportunity for your students to perform on a professional stage. Last years’ event saw more than 500 young people dance on the Princes Hall stage throughout the three events, and we are pleased to again be providing a platform for schools to showcase their work.

Entry forms will go out in late September, however if you are new to this event please email to register your interest.

Schools are able to submit dances of any style, providing they meet the following criteria:

  • No more than 1 dance per age group category may be entered – infant or junior. A primary school can enter a dance in both the infant and junior categories.
  • No individual dances.
  • Maximum group size is 30 dancers.
  • Dances must be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Performances could be a result of curriculum work, after school clubs or students’ own creation.
  • Dances will be performed on the stage at the theatre.

“Gremlin Dance Challenge provides a great opportunity for children to experience performing in a safe environment and allows children with no previous experience of dance or performing to ‘have a go’.

Our pupils found the whole event exciting, they enjoyed watching the other schools perform and were

thrilled to be on the stage themselves. It has raised their confidence no end.” – North Farnborough Infant School

“Children and staff benefit from the opportunity to perform on a ‘real’ stage and with a ‘real’ audience.

It is a fantastic experience for them! Increased confidence, self esteem. Parents very proud! Working as a team.” – Marlborough Infant School

“Thank you for providing such a great experience for the children. We were thrilled to take part.! I was so proud of them! The photos really showed how much they enjoyed themselves.”- Newport Junior School

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