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A fun way for children to exercise, keep fit, increase creativity and learning

The definition of dance as either a sport or an art form has been a topic for debate for many years. Gremlin Dance believes it can fit into both categories – providing a fun way for children to exercise and keep fit, whilst increasing their creativity and learning.

With a huge range of dance provision on offer including breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs, workshops, curriculum sessions and inset training, Gremlin Dance has something to offer your school.


Gremlin Dance currently provides extra-curricular clubs in Creative, Street, Modern Jazz and Contemporary dance to a large number of Infant, Junior and Secondary schools in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. These popular clubs can take place at varying times throughout the school day to provide a friendly and exciting environment for students to express their creative flare!

Breakfast clubs have been very successful where children enter their school day feeling energised, enthused and prepared for the day ahead. The increased activity before school can increase productivity in the classroom and is a fun way to start their day!

Lunchtime and after school clubs follow a similar format to the breakfast club and are a great addition to the school day.

Rock Challenge UK

Rock Challenge UK is a series of performing arts events which promotes healthy life choices. Entries are dances based on a theme and lasting between 5-8 minutes long, and involve the creation of a full production including costume and set design.  Entries are marked against a range of criteria to determine winners on the day of the competition. For more information visit

Gremlin Dance has been involved in the Junior event for this project for the past 4 years and has entered teams with St Mark’s CE Primary School in Farnborough, successes during that time have included a First and Second place entries.


Gremlin Dance offer workshops in a diverse range of styles to suit your requirements throughout the school year.

Previous workshops include Indian and African Dance styles for Multi-cultural weeks, Ballroom Dance, curriculum themes including Healthy Living, Homes and Houses, St George’s Day, Space, Monsters, Mini-beasts and Fairy Tales.

Dance in Curriculum

We understand that the learning process differs for every individual, whether it be sitting behind a table or physically moving around the room. Gremlin Dance aims to provide a unique experience for all to be creative, learn through their bodies and most importantly have fun!

We deliver curriculum based dance sessions in Primary and Junior Schools which can be used as part of CPD training or PPA cover. These sessions are tailored to the needs of the school and the topics they are covering, and work extremely well when used for cross-curricular learning.

We provide resources for teachers which include detailed lesson plans that have been developed to be used regardless of the level of dance experience, to enable the delivery of high quality dance sessions to their groups. By working alongside the class teacher and providing step-by-step guidance and support throughout the sessions, we are able to increase their knowledge and confidence in the delivery of creative dance sessions.

Inset Training

We provide Inset Training sessions for Teachers and Classroom Assistants to develop their knowledge in delivering dance in their schools.
During the sessions we look at how to plan, structure and deliver a dance lesson, as well as the evaluation process.

We tailor these plans to the needs of the children in your school and focus on specific aspects of dance delivery that you feel need work, including discussion and development of your dance plans. We’ll help you find resources and give you hands-on experience when you take part in our practical workshops! Resource packs are provided.

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